Abstract: Session A  11:10 am (BACK)

Cost-Effective Stream Restoration Projects on West Virginia Farms

Troy Biggs PE
Amec Foster Wheeler
Chantilly, VA

Co-authors: Troy Biggs (Amec Foster Wheeler), and Mike Hepp (Amec Foster Wheeler), and Greg Jennings (Jennings Environmental)

The cost of constructing stream restoration projects can vary widely depending on location, availability of local materials, existing infrastructure, contractors, and the number of property owners affected. Amec Foster Wheeler along with Jennings Environmental recently worked with the WV NRCS and local farmers on seven large river projects with drainage areas from 10 to 330 square miles. With funding for these construction projects being somewhat limited, the design had to incorporate cost-saving practices that would still provide bed and bank stability.

This presentation will focus on several case studies of large river projects which were designed and constructed in the Valley and Ridge Physiographic Province of WV. The primary project objectives were to protect streambanks through natural revetment (plantings, rocks, and logs), stream shaping, and riffle-pool sequences to reduce loss of fertile agricultural soils and land with a secondary benefit to improve water quality and enhance aquatic life. The presentation will discuss the use of innovative design approaches, use of local materials, and working with and utilizing local contractors in order to build efficiencies and minimize the construction cost of stream restoration.