Innovative Restoration Design Tools, Methods, and Adaptations

Moderator: Douglas Kirk, WV Department of Transportation

8:30 am
Unseating Contemporary Placed-Based Reference Systems for Generalizing from Natural Analogs to Improve Stream Restoration Practice (abstract)
–Joe Berg, Biohabitats, Inc., Baltimore, MD
Berg’s Presentation

8:50 am
North Branch of Cypress Creek Ecological Restoration:  A Comprehensive Approach to Stream Restoration (abstract)
–Rocky Powell, Clear Creeks Consulting LLC, Jarrettsville, MD
Powell’s Presentation

9:10 am
Oh, The Things We’ve Done: Applying Best Professional Judgment in Urban Stream Restoration (abstract)
–Michael Trumbauer, Biohabitats, Inc., Baltimore, MD
Trumbauer’s Presentation

9:30 am
Use of Hydraulic Dredge Spoils to Restore an Urban Stream (abstract)
Mike Rolband, P.E., P.W.S. Wetland Studies and Solutions, Fairfax, VA
Rolband’s Presentation

9:50 am
Hydraulic Modeling of Stream Restoration/Wetland Restoration Projects using HEC-RAS Unsteady Flow (abstract)
— Katie Scott, PE, Underwood & Associates, Annapolis, MD
Scott’s Presentation

10:10 am       Break

10:30 am
Systems Thinking and Stream Restoration: Embracing Possibilities for Design Improvement (abstract)
–Scott Lowe, McCormick Taylor, Inc., Baltimore, MD
Lowe’s Presentation

10:50 am
Implications of Restoration Design for Hydrologic Response in Urban Streams (abstract)
— Garth Lindner, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD
Lindner’s Presentation

11:10 am
Web-based Document Management System for Watershed Planning, Design, and Restoration Projects (abstract)
–Brent Reeves, KCI Technologies, Inc., Sparks, MD
Reeves Presentation

11:30 am
Tax Ditch Restoration (abstract)
— Mark Secrist, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Annapolis, MD
Secrist’s Presentation

12:00 pm      Lunch Provided & Drawing for an iPad

1:30 pm
Lessons Learned in the Design Implementation of Large Woody Debris Structures in the Northwest Branch (abstract)
–Lindsay Nicoll, McCormick Taylor, Inc., Baltimore, MD
Nicoll’s Presentation