Prediction and Monitoring, Stream Restoration Permitting Process, and Stream Policy

Moderator: Mike Adams, Stantec, Inc.

8:30 am
The Carbon Consideration – What Role Does Atmospheric Carbon Play in Stream Restoration Decision-Making, and How Much Should It? (abstract)
— Brian Bartell, Ecotone, Inc., Mill Valley, CA
Bartell’s Presentation

8:50 am
Using Alternative Project Delivery (APD) for Stream Restoration (abstract)
— Gary Mryncza, KCI Technologies, Inc., Sparks, MD
Mryncza’s Presentation

9:10 am
Restoration Monitoring at Pinecliff Park, Frederick County, MD 
–Elizabeth Franks, Versar Inc., Columbia, MD
Franks’ Presentation

9:30 am
Biological Response to Stream Restoration in Virginia: Community Patterns and Measuring Success (abstract)
— Matthew Lajoie, Williamsburg Environmental Group, Inc., Willamsburg, VA
Lajoie’s Presentation

9:50 am
Assessing Dam Removals on a Shoestring: Using Underwater Photographs of Streambed to Complement Bug Data (abstract)
— Beth Styler Barry, Musconetcong Watershed Association, Asbury, NJ
Styler Barry’s Presentation

10:10 am       Break

10:30 am
Geomorphic Monitoring of the Patapsco River Following the Removal of the Simkins Dam, Patapsco River, Maryland (abstract)
— Graham Boardman, McCormick Taylor, Inc., Baltimore, MD
Boardman’s Presentation

10:50 am
Certification/Professional Responsibility from a Practitioner’s Perspective (abstract)
— George Athanasakes, Stantec Consulting Services Inc., Louisville, KY
Athanasakes’ Presentation

11:10 am
In Kind/Out of Kind – What Could it Mean for Streams? (abstract)
— Brian Topping, US Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC
Topping’s Presentation

11:30 am
Towanda Creek Mitigation Bank, Upper Susquehanna Watershed, Pennsylvania (abstract)
— Greg Jennings, Stantec Consulting, Inc., Raleigh, NC
Jennings’ Presentation

12:00 pm      Lunch Provided & Drawing for an iPad