Stormwater Management, Communities and Streams, Watershed Scale Planning and Restoration, and Stream Impacts from Land Use Activities

Moderator:  Ben Hutzell, US Fish & Wildlife

1:30 pm
Philadelphia Water Department (Pwd) Cobbs Creek Restoration, Floodplain Wetlands and Green Stormwater Infrasturcture Improvements (abstract)
— Thomas Graupensperger, Dewberry, Inc., Carlisle, PA
Graupensperger’s Presentation

1:50 pm
PWD’s Desktop Screening Tool for Evaluating MS4 Outfall Retrofit Potential (abstract)
— Rick Anthes, Philadelphia Water Department, Philadelphia, PA
Anthes’ Presentation

2:10 pm
Integrating Stormwater Quality BMP Retrofits with Urban Stream Restoration (abstract)
— Mike Fowler, Wildlands Engineering, Inc., Raleigh, NC
Fowler’s Presentation

2:30 pm
Indian Creek Stream Day-Lighting, Restoration, and CSO Storage in Philadelphia, PA (abstract)
— Rick Howley, PWD-Office of Watersheds, Philadelphia, PA
Howley’s Presentation

2:50 pm
Invasive Species in Riparian Buffers (abstract)
— George Morris, River Works Inc., Inc.
Morris’ Presentation

3:10 pm        Break

3:30 pm
Regional Watershed Plan for Restoration and Water Quality Improvement in the Upper Neuse River (abstract)
— Mike Fowler, Wildlands Engineering, Inc., Raleigh, NC
Fowler’s Presentation

3:50 pm
The Maryland State Highway Adminstration Outfall Restoration Assessment and Prioritization Program – A Watershed-Wide Approach for Pollutant Reduction
–Gregg Iskra, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Baltimore, MD

4:10 pm
The Channel Evolution and Subsequent Stabilization of a Rosgen G5 to C5 Channel Beneficially Impacted by Construction Sedimentation (abstract)
–John Brooks, Resource International, Ltd, Ashland, VA
Brooks’ Presentation

4:30 pm
Appalachian Ecosystem Restoration: Stream Restoration Techniques and Case Studies in “Coal Country”
— Nathan Ober, Civil and Environmental Consultants, Inc., Bridgeport, WV

5:00 pm        Adjourn

5:30 pm       Light Reception at Tir Na Nog