Abstract: Session A  11:10 am (BACK)

Web-based Document Management System for Watershed Planning, Design, and Restoration Projects

Brent Reeves
KCI Technologies, Inc.
Sparks, MD

Watershed and stream design, restoration, and construction projects require extensive environmental mitigation programs, site monitoring services, and a significant amount of documentation and data, including surveys, maps, GIS data, permits, photographs, and design plans.  Effective management of the documentation involved is a critical component for the success of the projects.  As a document management solution for these types of projects, KCI has developed a web-based application whereby users can view a GIS map and the associated documentation for the site.  The application provides document management functionality by integrating Microsoft SharePoint to enable users to upload, view, and download documents.  By incorporating documents and a GIS map interface in the same window, the application provides a seamless integration of spatial data and associated documents.  The web platform delivers an effective solution for centrally locating and disseminating project data for multiple users in different locations. This presentation will illustrate how an enhanced web-based application can deliver effective document management in a real-time setting.  Furthermore, application’s potential implication in field efforts and the transmission of documents and data between field and office staff will be discussed.