Abstract: Session B  10:50 am (BACK)

Working with Large Rivers

Joshua B. Gilman
Stantec Consulting, Inc.

Stream structures (in-stream and bank protection) are commonly acknowledged as necessary for a variety of reasons including physical and biological function.  Inarguably, such structures provide and/or support functions ranging from reduced near bank shear stress, grade control, and maintenance of sediment transport to introduction of microhabitat for macro invertebrates fauna and flora and other well-known benefits to in stream structures.   With the exception of several permutations of old ideas taking the lead through innovation, many in-stream and bank structures have gained status as industry convention.

As a result of successful stream restoration works, the interest and corresponding need to enhance and restore larger river (WSA > 25mi2) functions has increased and generated a new field of curiosity.  Rivers often require considerations both in design and construction beyond that of smaller streams.  The purpose of this talk is to highlight such distinctions and differences between smaller stream structures and those of larger rivers.  Specifically, this presentation will focus on experience gained and lessons learned during design and construction of various specific stream projects.

Overall, the goal of this presentation is to promote dialogue regarding nuances of the design and construction of large river structures and to share what did and didn’t work so as to promote the science, engineering and overall future project success.