Abstract: Opening Plenary Session  2:00 pm (BACK)

Stream and Wetland Restoration Project Permitting and the Chesapeake Bay TMDL

Nick DiPasquale
Chesapeake Bay Program
Annapolis, MD

The Chesapeake Bay TMDL calls for significant reductions in polluted runoff and point source discharges.  Many jurisdictions have included stream and wetland restoration projects in their Watershed Implementation Plans and Two Year Milestones.  These projects are being undertaken by local governments and watershed organizations and will require 404/402 permits under the Clean Water Act.  Many local governments recently have established stormwater utility fees and other funding mechanisms to underwrite the cost of these projects.  These efforts will substantially increase the number of permit applications being submitted to and processed by state and federal regulatory agencies.  There is some concern about the ability of these agencies to manage the increased workload in a timely fashion.  This may put jurisdictions in jeopardy since they face potential federal actions under the TMDL if they are unable to get the pollution reductions they need to meet their allocation.