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A Detailed Walk Through for the Assessment and Design of Floodplain Restoration

INSTRUCTORS: Jim Morris, P.E.,
                           Mike Galvin, P.E.
                           Hunt Valley, MD

Materials that students need to bring: pen and paper
Materials student will receive:  handouts

Learning Objectives:
a)  Principles of viable site selection for this technique.
b)  Necessary assessments to support use and validation of the practice.
c)   Design considerations to support proposed functions and values of the site.
d)   Construction, monitoring and adaptive management considerations.

 At the completion of this workshop students will be able to:
1.  Understand the essential components of a floodplain restoration design.
2.  Where and how to properly apply this approach.
3.  Understanding the historic values and functions of these sites and the potential for restoration in the
    contemporary landscape.

Workshop Description:
Intended for a wide audience of practitioners, regulators, or clients, participants will learn the essential elements necessary to evaluate a floodplain restoration approach for their potential site. Site analysis, assessment, design constraints, and design fundamentals will be presented as well as long-term strategies to ensure development of the desired functional uplift for a project.