A session
Dam removal; aquatic CONNECTIVITY; and tmdls

Dam Removal; Aquatic Connectivity
8:30 am     
The Bonnie Park Dam Removal and Floodplain Restoration Project
Bradley J. Petru, MS, PWS, ISA-CA, Hull and Associates, Dublin, Ohio

8:50 am     
Taylor Run Low Head Dam Removal – Small Project Sites Can Present a Host of Design and Construction Challenges
Oakes Routt, Stantec Consulting Services Inc., Louisville, KY

9:10 am    
Columbia Lake Dam Removal; Using Drones for Quantitative Evaluation of River Restoration
Beth Styler-Barry, The Nature Conservancy, Chester, NJ

9:30 am     
Innovative Design and Funding Approaches for Dam Removal Projects Where an Unfunded Mandate Exists
Kirk Mantay, PWS, GreenTrust Alliance, Inc., Elkridge, MD

9:50 am   
Who Gives a Dam? Removing Barriers to Aquatic Organism Passage One Step at a Time
Greg Jennings, PhD, PE, Jennings Environmental PLLC, Asheville, NC

10:10 am    
Break in the Exhibit Hall

Aquatic Connectivity; TMDLs
10:30 am     
Beyond NAACC: A Multi-Objective Road-Stream Crossing Assessment Protocol
Tim Koch, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County, Shokan, NY

10:50 am     
Sink or Swim- Using Field Study Results to Directly Influence Culvert Design for Fish Passage
Katie Bartling, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

11:10 am     
Alternative Crediting for Stream TMDL Projects
Reid Cook, Resource Environmental Solutions, Warrenton, VA

11:30 am     
Crediting Water Quality Benefits of Stream Restoration
Lisa Fraley-McNeal, Center for Watershed Protection, Inc., Ellicott City, MD

11:50 am     
Evaluation of Nutrient Reduction Crediting Strategies for Stream Restoration
Barbara Doll, Ph.D., PE, Extension Assistant Professor, NC Sea Grant & Biological & Agricultural Engineering Dept.
NC State University

12:10 pm     

12:10 pm   
Lunch Provided