Abstract: Session B  11:50 am (Back to Session B)
50 Shades of Stage Zero: Adapting Innovative Approach to Maryland Streams

Colin McGill
Ecotone, Inc.
Forest Hill, MD

Ecotone, Inc. has been trying to find ways to apply multithreaded channel restoration approach based on the updated Stream Evolution Model. The traditional method of a single thread incised bankfull channel has its place but is not always the best way to build resilient stream systems. By applying multithreaded Stage Zero concepts and processes, stream restoration within the Maryland Piedmont can be more effective at reaching project goals of sediment and nutrient reductions, as well as habitat benefits. Case studies will include projects implementing true multithreaded Stage Zero design as well as projects that applied the principles and processes involved with this innovative new technique including large woody debris management, microtopography, and maximizing cross sectional area to reduce velocities. Both design and construction applications will be discussed, as well as potential for future designs and lessons learned.