Abstract: Session C  9:10 am (Back to Session C)
The Value in Value Engineering: Increasing Collaboration Between Engineers and Contractors

Tyler Sides
Ecotone, Inc.
Forest Hill, MD

Collaboration between engineers and contractors can often times be stifled by the design-bid-build process. Many bid opportunities do not allow an opportunity for value engineering services with the contractor. Through value engineering, our industry can expand on innovative ideas and approaches for clients that are more cost-effective. Allowing contractors the ability to reduce cost, while still providing the desired outcome envisioned by the designer and client, may also encourage further collaboration on future projects. Effective methods of value engineering include but are not limited to salvaging material, innovative channel design concepts and sustainable field-tested designs.

A comparison of projects where value engineering was at the forefront of the approach will be provided. These projects will range in settings such as agriculture and urban. Various projects will be discussed from these settings as well as potential value engineering approaches for future designs.