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Constructing Stream Restoration Projects off 60% Plans – Meeting Project Objectives and Regulatory Requirements while Maintaining Flexibility

Mike Adams
Stantec Consulting Services Inc
Fairfax, VA

Tom Dombrowski
Prince William County
Woodbridge, VA

As budgets for stream restoration projects get stretched to their limits, it is incumbent upon project owners, designers and contractors to devise defensible ways to decrease project costs.  Agencies generally require plans advanced to a 60% (Preliminary) level to issue permits.  Plan adjustments beyond the 60% design stage are primarily developed to increase details for the use of the contractor during construction.  Under circumstances where a qualified contractor will be responsible for construction, and where the designer will have substantial on-site presence during construction, it may be prudent to utilize 60% plans for construction rather than advancing them to 100%, or Final.  A significant cost savings can be realized by not advancing the plans beyond 60%.

Prince William County embarked on a process to reduce stream restoration construction costs by pre-qualifying contractors for stream restoration construction projects and requiring designers to submit only 60% plans for construction.  This resulted in two distinct benefits to the County.  First, there is a significant cost savings by not requiring design consultants to produce 90% and 100% plans.  A second benefit is that by constructing projects off of 60% (Preliminary) plans, there is an inherent/ implied unfinalized status of the plans, which enabling adjustments in the field that do not impact the intent of the permits.  This presentation will discuss the benefits of building off of 60% plans from both an Owner and Designer perspective.