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Measuring the Success of Restoration on the Savage River and Its Tributaries

Will Postlethwait
Civil and Environmental Consultants
Bridgeport, WV

Will Postlethwait - Project Manager/Civil and Environmental Consultants
Alan Heft - Coldwater Biologist/Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Matt Sells - Brook Trout Specialist/Maryland Department of Natural Resources

In 2006 the Maryland Department of Natural Resources listed brook trout as a species in the greatest need of conservation which lead to the development of the “Brook Trout Fisheries Management Plan”. This management plan which focused on the Upper Savage River located in Western Maryland became the baseline for all monitoring and restoration efforts moving forward in the Savage River Watershed.  Following the development of the mitigation plan, monitoring of the local brook trout population and its migratory patterns soon followed in 2008.  In 2009 the first restoration effort was identified and began on Aaron Run, a multi-party/agency project funded in part by an Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture grant. This presentation is a walkthrough of the history of the Savage River Watershed.  It will focus on the past monitoring and restoration efforts and high light the improving trends being see after a focus was identified to make the Savage River Watershed a priority and became a brook trout fishing gem of Western Maryland.