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 A Neighborhood Focused Approach to Stream Restoration
Josh Burch
District of Columbia -Department of Energy & Environment
Washington, DC

Authors:   Josh Burch, DOEE; Joe Berg & Doug Streaker, Biohabitats; and Karly Epp, EQR

The Alger Park Stream Restoration Project was a combined effort of working on private property, public streets, and public parkland to restore a tributary of the Anacostia River. The stream that runs through Alger Park in SE DC was a highly incised stream gully with vertical banks as high as 30ft prior to restoration. Severe bank erosion and channel incision was due to the highly impervious nature of the surrounding drainage area combined with the steeply sloped stream valley with sandy soils.

The District Department of Energy and Environment lead a watershed restoration approach that focused on expanding the number of private homes participating in our RiverSmart Homes program which subsidizes the installation of LID on private property; maximizing the number of LID projects in public space in the drainage area by working with our Department of Transportation; and restoring the stream using regenerative stream design techniques by working with neighbors and our Department of Parks and Recreation.

This presentation will look at the different facets of this neighborhood-based approach to stream restoration where both private space and public space LID installations can support and enhance large scale stream restoration efforts.