G session
Innovative Restoration & Adaptions;
Functional Stream Assessment & Design methodologies;
and adaptive management

Innovative Restoration & Adaptions
1:30 pm     
Patterns of Streambank Erosion Along a Headwater Stream in Southwest Virginia:  Implications for Estimates of Sediment Prevented by Stream Restoration
Theresa Wynn Thompson, PhD, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

1:50 pm     
Stream Restoration Using all Wood Structures
Joe Berg, Biohabitats, Inc., Baltimore, MD 

2:10 pm  
Streambed Mixes – Building a Better Matrix
Elizabeth Tane Kanner, PE, Stantec, Baltimore, MD

2:30 pm   
Natives in HEL!  How to Establish Native Plants in Highly Erodible Land
Robert Hoffman, Roundstone Native Seed, LLC , Upton, KY

2:50 pm    
Break in the Exhibit Hall

Functional Stream Assessment & Design Methodologies; and Adaptive Management
3:10 pm 
Evaluating the Ecological Function of Restored Streams in Piedmont, North Carolina using the Stream Quantification Tool
Sara R. Donatich, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina

3:30 pm    
Using the Stream Quantification Tool to Evaluate a Valley Restoration Design Approach
Cidney Jones, PE, CFM, Ecosystem Planning and Restoration, Raleigh, NC

3:50 pm     
Dam! What to do about Beavers?
Rachel Ortt, Ecotone, Inc., Forest Hill, MD

4:10 pm     
Managed Succession as a Restoration Strategy
Mike Trumbauer, Biohabitats, Inc., Baltimore, MD

4:30 pm    
Alan Walker, Resource Institute

4:50 pm