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Patterns of Streambank Erosion Along a Headwater Stream in Southwest Virginia:  Implications for Estimates of Sediment Prevented by Stream Restoration

Theresa Wynn Thompson, PhD
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA

Authors:  Wynn-Thompson, T. and B. Utley

Streambank erosion varies both spatially and temporally within any given system due to natural variability in both soil characteristics and weather pattern.  This study combines multiple direct and indirect measurements of stream sediment loading from streambank erosion.  The study was conducted along Stroubles Creek at the Virginia Tech StREAM Lab, a small, urban, headwater stream in south western Virginia near the town of Blacksburg.  Sediment loading to the channel was measured using continuous measurements of upstream and downstream turbidity and discharge, monthly measurements of over 250 erosion pins, and pre- and post-study surveys in May 2006 and May 2007.  Monthly estimates of suspended sediment load computed from turbidity records will be compared to spatial estimates of bank retreat to determine the most appropriate method for estimating sediment loads from streambank retreat.