Abstract: Session G  2:10 pm (Back to Session G)
Streambed Mixes – Building a Better Matrix

Elizabeth Tane Kanner, PE
Baltimore, MD

Authors: Elizabeth Tane Kanner; Richard Pfingsten

Due to site constraints such as available floodplain/meander width or steep slopes, stream designers often supplement streambeds with furnished rock mixes to withstand sheer stresses.  This presentation will focus on the various methods for sizing the streambed mix and developing appropriate construction specifications.  Approaches may include the Modified Andrews equation, US COE Riprap Design Procedures, USFWS -Alaska Method, and USDA NEH Stone Sizing Criteria (TS 14C).  The limitation of these approaches is that they are primarily based on revetment design. We will discuss techniques to calibrate these methods for streambed and natural channel applications.  To supplement these often-large rock mixes we will present approaches to enhance the mixes with spawning gravels, woody material, and adjusting the dimensions of glides and riffles to promote better aquatic habitat.