Abstract: Session H  3:10 pm (Back to Session H)
Cedar Haven Living Shoreline: An Example of The Benefits of Stabilizing Tidal River Shorelines

Ingrid Bauer, PE
Straughan Environmental, Inc.
Columbia, MD

The living shoreline stabilization project at Cedar Haven Fishing Area in Prince George’s County, Maryland, showcases an interesting intersection of a local government working towards MS4/TMDL goals while also capitalizing on an opportunity to improve a well-used public space for the surrounding community. Living shorelines earn four times the impervious area equivalent credit as stream restoration projects per linear foot, and with the Prevented Sediment TMDL Protocol, the TSS load reductions can be significant.  The Cedar Haven living shoreline project protects this space for public recreation, improves the aesthetic value of the park for its small surrounding community, and positively contributes to local habitat and Chesapeake Bay health.  This presentation will discuss the Cedar Haven project as an example of the type of multi-faceted opportunity that living shoreline stabilization projects offer for our tidal rivers, including the design, MS4/TMDL credits, permitting, and construction.