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Ethics in the Ecosystem Restoration Industry:  Fighting Against the Current

William “Scott” Hunt, III, PE
Ecosytem Planning & Restoration
Raleigh, NC

Every industry has challenges with regards to ethics and the ecosystem restoration industry is no exception.  So much of the discussion that occurs within and about the ecosystem restoration community is dominated by technical subject matter.  The ecosystem restoration industry is relatively young and has made terrific advances on the technical side since its inception.  It is paramount that the members of this industry continually and consistently hold each other accountable for excellence in ethics with the same passion and drive that we do regarding technical excellence. 

Why is so little discussion held in a public or business setting regarding ethics?  Ethics challenges are wide ranging, and the subject matter is very weighty.  The challenges are very real and require us to take a hard look at our core values and principals. Ethics challenges in the ecosystem restoration industry are difficult to navigate through.  With this presentation, Mr. Hunt will lead an open discussion to take a hard look at the ethics challenges, decisions, mistakes and consequences he has experienced over the past twenty years as an ecosystem restoration professional.